Jumat, 13 November 2015

Percussion Ensemble Contest & Guard in waterkingdom Mekarsari

November is the month of championship marching band in Indonesia. One is the Percussion Ensemble Contest & Guard in waterkingdom Mekarsari Contest which will be held on November 21, 2015 which of course is housed in waterkingdom Mekarsari.
More information: Kak Toni Bagdi 081270366663

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Percussion Ensemble Contest & Guard Contest in Waterkingdom Mekarsari

Rabu, 11 November 2015

GPJB 2015 championship results

Grand Prix Junior Band XIV in 2015 was over held at GOR POPKI - Cibubur, how about GPJB 2015 championship results ?
So ... following championships results GPJB 2015

 congratulations to the winner, hopefully Marching Band in Indonesia growing and advancing 

(Baca artikel ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia)

GPJB 2015 championship results

Minggu, 01 November 2015

learning music, learning self-discipline

Music is one branch of art. Many people believe can be done while learning music fun - happy because they feel art is freedom. It is a big ZERO. Because learning music, learning self-discipline. Where discipline is the key factor in learning music. like it or not, like it or not, the music learning requires discipline.

How to apply discipline to learn music? hopefully the following tips can help.
  • Provide and obey special time
Everyone has the same amount of time in each day for life, ie 24 hours. Everyone has the same time if they can arrange it. But most people use only spare time for the activity to which each individual is more important. Including learning music, it is necessary also provided a special time and obeyed. Focus on the time that has been set up to study music when out of time to learn the music, please focus on other things at the time and instead focus on the study of music. This is where the discipline began to be implemented.

  • Mastered one thing before mastering anything else
Some people even most, wanted proficient in all respects. In learning music, want to adept to master a wide range of theories, ranging from the most simple theory to the theory of a higher application. It is humane, but it certainly will hinder the process of learning the music itself. Therefore, in studying music, theory material base must be mastered before heading other material. Therefore, learn to focus on one thing before learning anything else.

Bruce Lee once said, "I am not afraid of a master in 1000 but only once berlatihnya moment, but I am more afraid of a controlling one moment but practice it 1000 times".

  • Record the results of the exercise as "Progress Record"
Today is better than yesterday is lucky, today the same as yesterday was a loss, today is worse than yesterday was wretched.

Evaluation is something that can make us reflect in order to become better in the future. Recording process then evaluates the exercise is the most effective way.

learning music, learning self-discipline

Rabu, 28 Oktober 2015

Music Ensemble marching band has begun to develop

Marching Band is synonymous with Drum Band in Indonesia at first, not anymore. Music Ensemble marching band has begun to develop, this is evidenced by the many championships Marching Band in Indonesia, which has led to an element of musicality, not just play hard.

Arts especially music art will continue to grow rapidly. One example Marching Band team that I think is quite a success to develop his mindset is Marching Band of campus in Central Java.

Performances shown quite far from the concept of playing Marching Band, because the concept of performance shown is Brass Band orchestra format. Where percussion (keyboard percussion) are not placed in front of like show Marching Show, but behind.


Music Ensemble marching band has begun to develop

Kamis, 22 Oktober 2015

should learn musical notes or note numbers (?)

This question often arises when a person faces the arts subjects. Should learn musical notes or note numbers (?) The question that often comes to mind someone because it seems to have been instilled since childhood that not figure easier than musical notes. Not the beam more difficult than not numbers. So, should learn musical notes or note numbers (?)
According to the author's personal experience, whether or not the number of musical notes equally easy. Either not numbers or musical notes are equally difficult. Well, how come?

Yes !!! Easy if we want to learn and study. Difficult if we are lazy, reluctant, are unwilling to learn and study.
If you include actors in the art of sound, like a choir member, soloist, vocalist, and others as long as the associated circuitry sound art, it is not the numbers will be good friends in the everyday both joy and sorrow, he he ..
Why? Because if the fundamental tone has been determined, it can be sung Solmization, Solmization not written in the form of numbers.

However, unlike the case with music players, then it will be a daily musical notes which always accompany the exercise and the current show. This is because, by reading the musical notes which form an image similar to sprout stick on the fence, its position can be directly known to the instrument being played.

So, should learn musical notes or note numbers (?)

Jumat, 16 Oktober 2015

train the brain to pit instrument

Train the brain to pit instrument is to optimize the function of both hands. If further observed, the most common percussion players who are just learning, they only optimize the punch with the right hand and rarely train blows with left hand. When in fact the left hand that need extra training.
Perhaps more to the habit from childhood we are taught to always active with the right hand. Our current activities are rarely small geared to balance the functions of both hands. As a result, at the present time, when the game percussive required to be active in both hands, feel distress as seen from the quality of different strokes. Sound production of the right hand is better than the sound production left hand.
How to train the brain to pit the instrument can be done by heating the following uploaded to Youtube. Warming to pit this instrument uses 2 mallets, play a different pattern between right and left hand. In the first part of the left hand plays a 4 strokes, the right hand plays six strokes. In the second part of the left hand plays 6 strokes, the right hand plays a 4 stroke. Therefore, the heating is called "FourSix". Enjoy.

Congratulations to train the brain to pit instrument

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2015

traditional music percussion Indonesian archipelago

Percussion is the basic instrument used by ethnic music in Indonesia, so this time I took the title of the traditional music percussion Indonesian archipelago. Starting from the west end to the east end of Indonesia, each ethnic music there must be an element of percussion instruments.
Percussion instrument is an instrument played by striking, understanding simple as that, if your friends may not know. Percussion used vary, ranging from a pitched up which was pitched. Starting from functioning as rhythmic, until that serves as melodic.
I take the example Gamelan. The instrument is owned by several of them ethnic Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese. Although it has a different character each ethnic, but in general the percussion used are drums of various sizes to produce a wide variety of tones (including if a different way to hit it), then there is also the instrument of melodic metal and then do the tuning process (setting the tone ). One that distinguishes between the ethnic tone used is the distance (scale)
Sunda different Java bali, different in Sumatra. Talempong example. Then, in the eastern part of Indonesia, instrument named Tifa & Fu. And many others.

Indonesia so much culture, one culture percussion as well as many kinds. Even at the annual event WGI 2015 in the USA, one of the band brought the show and brought the Kecak dance elements of Bali. Kecak is unique because rhythmic sing with the mouth, with a variety of patterns.

 Here's a video of the RCC team during the 2015 WGI please check in minute 4:09

So it is not wrong if I write traditional music percussion Indonesian archipelago