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learning music, learning self-discipline

Music is one branch of art. Many people believe can be done while learning music fun - happy because they feel art is freedom. It is a big ZERO. Because learning music, learning self-discipline. Where discipline is the key factor in learning music. like it or not, like it or not, the music learning requires discipline.

How to apply discipline to learn music? hopefully the following tips can help.
  • Provide and obey special time
Everyone has the same amount of time in each day for life, ie 24 hours. Everyone has the same time if they can arrange it. But most people use only spare time for the activity to which each individual is more important. Including learning music, it is necessary also provided a special time and obeyed. Focus on the time that has been set up to study music when out of time to learn the music, please focus on other things at the time and instead focus on the study of music. This is where the discipline began to be implemented.

  • Mastered one thing before mastering anything else
Some people even most, wanted proficient in all respects. In learning music, want to adept to master a wide range of theories, ranging from the most simple theory to the theory of a higher application. It is humane, but it certainly will hinder the process of learning the music itself. Therefore, in studying music, theory material base must be mastered before heading other material. Therefore, learn to focus on one thing before learning anything else.

Bruce Lee once said, "I am not afraid of a master in 1000 but only once berlatihnya moment, but I am more afraid of a controlling one moment but practice it 1000 times".

  • Record the results of the exercise as "Progress Record"
Today is better than yesterday is lucky, today the same as yesterday was a loss, today is worse than yesterday was wretched.

Evaluation is something that can make us reflect in order to become better in the future. Recording process then evaluates the exercise is the most effective way.

learning music, learning self-discipline

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