Minggu, 11 Oktober 2015

easy timpani playing techniques

In the percussion world, the main marching band / drum corps, a player may timpani is a dream but in fact only a handful of players who know how to play timpani well with easy timpani playing techniques.

The author deliberately discussed briefly in this article is based on personal experience, you know, not mean to patronize. How to play the timpani not necessarily be done by every percussionist as the main constraints faced is definitely ketidaktersedianya the instrument because it is expensive. 1 timpani kettle drum least expensive around 35 million, to the smallest. Now the greater the diameter the more expensive the donks ... especially if using 5 kettle drums (preferably just bought a house, he..he..he ..)
Leave aside just deh about the high price of timpani ... If that name is becoming a professional player, coupled with prayer correctly, Insha Allah has facilitated timpani plus free too ... Amen ..... :)

How to play the timpani in my opinion there are only three (3) basic things that must be controlled:
  1. Mastering the rhythmic instrument
  2. Mastering melodic instrument
  3. Have a good hearing ability
Well .... how is that? later will be discussed again in the next article which is still dealing with easy timpani playing techniques

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