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how to get in the mood to write song

Friends who work as a songwriter, music arranger, lyricists, may have experienced moments where the idea really stuck, as if no mood at all to work, but the client has ga patient. Well, maybe some of the following tips can help how to get in the mood to write the song. How come? Here are the tips

Always intend to work wholeheartedly. Begin to pray that God ease all our affairs. Without Him, our work is not nothing. If you are Muslim, you start every intention of reading basmalah "Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim". Insha Allah it is enough.

Listen to the songs you do not like. Neither the genre, lyrics, song structure, substantially more "worst"is better to build up the mood. If you DO NOT LIKE Dangdut, listen dangdut. If you do not like Kangen Band, listen Kangen Band songs, if you do not like Slipknot, listen songs them.If you hate Campursari, turn the song Campursari either by Pak Manthous or anyone. Wake up your mood of the songs you do not like. Not only heard, but focus on one instrument, Allah willing, there are parts that would later become the inspiration pattern in the song writing. In the book "SHOW YOUR WORKS" Austin Kleon, written that the frontman of Radiohead, Thom Yorke, each felt writing the song too ordinary, took an instrument that is not her master and write a song with that tool.

Prepare a "motivator" near Anda.Taruh in place that you easily view / glance. For example, photos of parents who taped a picture Kaaba, miniature car of your dream, Photo bride (especially for those of you who still flunky), Money wad, or whatever it is that motivates you to write a song.

Turn off your phone. When working, the most severe disorders is your phone. It could be more serious when you find any idea, fitting want to write eh .... your phone rang .... after being appointed and chat then closed, fitting want to further work on the song ... uh ... the idea already floated.

Provide a special time to work writing songs. This is important. Because the deadline for downloading ourselves, also to learn discipline, as well as for your phone silent.

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That's how to get in the mood to write song

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