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traditional music percussion Indonesian archipelago

Percussion is the basic instrument used by ethnic music in Indonesia, so this time I took the title of the traditional music percussion Indonesian archipelago. Starting from the west end to the east end of Indonesia, each ethnic music there must be an element of percussion instruments.
Percussion instrument is an instrument played by striking, understanding simple as that, if your friends may not know. Percussion used vary, ranging from a pitched up which was pitched. Starting from functioning as rhythmic, until that serves as melodic.
I take the example Gamelan. The instrument is owned by several of them ethnic Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese. Although it has a different character each ethnic, but in general the percussion used are drums of various sizes to produce a wide variety of tones (including if a different way to hit it), then there is also the instrument of melodic metal and then do the tuning process (setting the tone ). One that distinguishes between the ethnic tone used is the distance (scale)
Sunda different Java bali, different in Sumatra. Talempong example. Then, in the eastern part of Indonesia, instrument named Tifa & Fu. And many others.

Indonesia so much culture, one culture percussion as well as many kinds. Even at the annual event WGI 2015 in the USA, one of the band brought the show and brought the Kecak dance elements of Bali. Kecak is unique because rhythmic sing with the mouth, with a variety of patterns.

 Here's a video of the RCC team during the 2015 WGI please check in minute 4:09

So it is not wrong if I write traditional music percussion Indonesian archipelago

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