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how to maintenance your melodic instrument

Melodic percussion instruments like the Marimba and vibraphone is one of the many musical instruments that require extra care. The lack of proper treatment might make the age of the melodic percussion instruments become less durable.Appropriate treatment certainly make more awake tuning instrument (usually instrument that has been aged long barrel decreased tone or tuning down).Changing tuning instrument will certainly make the percussion player in question will be less comfortable in presenting the game.Melodic percussion instruments are often also called keyboard percussion, because the shape is the same as the arrangement of the keys of the keyboard. Keyboard percussion has the constituent materials of wood and metal.Marimba and Xylophone is a melodic percussion instrument with a constituent material of the timber. Meanwhile, vibraphone and glockenspiel are melodic percussion instrument with a constituent material of the metal.
Marching Band in the world, care for melodic percussion instrument was tricky. Given the condition of marching band practice not always be in the room, but more often in open areas, such as in the field. Automatic with these conditions, minimal melodic percussion instrument certainly faster exposed to dust. The condition that makes the instrument becomes vulnerable to damage.In this article will discuss how to care for melodic percussion instruments in order to extend the life of the instrument. Melodic instrument care here will be divided into two (2) types, namely melodic instrument care and maintenance for wood materials melodic instrument for metal material.

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how to maintenance your melodic instrument

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