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how to play timpani drums instrument easily

Friends, following my article on how to play timpani drums instrument easily. That is what this is? Well remember with my previous articles that discuss playing timpani? This article sequel. If in my previous article written about the two requirements that must be mastered to be able to play timpani, the master instrument rhythmic and melodic instrument to master, then in this article is the third requirement. What is that? Is to have a good hearing

Have a good hearing ability is arguably have ears? It is clear. But that needs to be emphasized here is the ability of the ear in a tone tuning accuracy. Tympanic membrane is an instrument with which to set the tone. The timpani tone is lower tones (bass), so we need a good tuning capabilities (read: hear) to be able to play the right note.
Especially for extended timpani, then high-low tone is set with the pedal. Set foot pedal, then the ear function here is to ensure the right tone to be played (read: hit).

How to train the ability to hear? That's EASY.
  1. Listen to the sounds around you (if trouble concentrating, can be done with your eyes closed. So just focus on ear / hearing).
  2. Focus on one type of sound. For the beginning, please focus on the tone of voice that has a variation of more than two. For example the sound of birds chirping, cats meowing, people yelling, etc.
  3. Repeat by your mouth the sound you hear, right along with the frequency of the tone you hear and including the short length of the sound you hear each note.
  4. If you already started proficient, Imitate the sound of rhythmic as well, such as motor vehicle horns (ranging from motorcycles, cars, and large vehicles), voice dial tone bowl played by artisan meatballs, and more.
The above exercise is useful to train solfage which must be related to the accuracy of tone is heard, as well as the pattern / patterns that are played (length of the short tone).

Well, of course, now you know how to play timpani drums instrument easily

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