Senin, 12 Oktober 2015

how to play timpani drums instrument

Still review of how to play timpani drums instrument in this article. Was also the connection of 2 previous article How to play the timpani and how to play a musical instrument timpani. If in the previous article explained why must master the rhythmic instrument, then here will explain why to be a timpani player must master the melodic instrument.

Friends, Instrument timpani is a unique instrument. Why, indeed resemble instrument Instrument Timpani drums in general because it has a membrane. But the difference with the other instruments, timpani has a tone that should be tailored to the needs of bass in a music performance. If the bass drum serves as a confirmation, then the timpani more serves as a confirmation to produce a magnificent atmosphere. Well ... that's the tone that contribute to build the splendor of a show.

How come master melodic instrument? The point is to learn the tone of the piano or keyboard. Or if Friends are lovers marching band, it is highly advisable to learn to play the keyboard percussion instrument or commonly called a pit.

There are many ways to learn pit or pit percussion instrument, hopefully the following video can help

(Baca artikel ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia)

Now .... more smoothly all of you mastered the melodic instruments, the easier how to play timpani drums instrument

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