Minggu, 11 Oktober 2015

Indonesian marimba mallets

Players Pit Instrument shall know mallet. This time our article discusses Indonesian marimba mallet. Why? At least this could be an alternative to having mallet at an affordable price but not quality cheap.

Some time ago was uploaded on Youtube, a video showing and let out a comparison between the 3 types of sound production mallet. Mallet used is artificial mallet local producers of Yogyakarta, MADAYO. Played by one of the coaches Pit Instrument of Central Java, using a mallet MADAYO 3 types, namely soft, medium and hard.

Here's the video
In the above video very, very obvious differences in the character of the three mallet used and certainly suitable for the purposes Marching Band playing in Outdoor.

So ... in the price of imports affected mallet go up and down the dollar which ga frivolous, but the practice should continue, local mallet be an alternative.


So .... do not hesitate to use a Indonesian marimba mallet

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