Kamis, 22 Oktober 2015

should learn musical notes or note numbers (?)

This question often arises when a person faces the arts subjects. Should learn musical notes or note numbers (?) The question that often comes to mind someone because it seems to have been instilled since childhood that not figure easier than musical notes. Not the beam more difficult than not numbers. So, should learn musical notes or note numbers (?)
According to the author's personal experience, whether or not the number of musical notes equally easy. Either not numbers or musical notes are equally difficult. Well, how come?

Yes !!! Easy if we want to learn and study. Difficult if we are lazy, reluctant, are unwilling to learn and study.
If you include actors in the art of sound, like a choir member, soloist, vocalist, and others as long as the associated circuitry sound art, it is not the numbers will be good friends in the everyday both joy and sorrow, he he ..
Why? Because if the fundamental tone has been determined, it can be sung Solmization, Solmization not written in the form of numbers.

However, unlike the case with music players, then it will be a daily musical notes which always accompany the exercise and the current show. This is because, by reading the musical notes which form an image similar to sprout stick on the fence, its position can be directly known to the instrument being played.

So, should learn musical notes or note numbers (?)

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