Minggu, 11 Oktober 2015

how to play a musical instrument timpani

Still further post yesterday, this article will discuss how to play a musical instrument timpani. Tympanic or often referred to as a kettle drum, because of its shape like a kettle and there are so-called membrane drums.
Mastering the rhythmic instrument is one of the three (3) things that must be mastered by the author. Logically, how could a music player does not understand the rhythmic pattern. If you do not understand the rhythmic pattern, then he will not understand tempo, constantly how the players can understand the short length of the tone to be played?
Pretty simple is not it?
What do I like? It's easy ... listen pattern played by drum set while listening to the song. Any song (of course there drum set sound ...). Can also listen to the sound of drum pattern (in the Java language: Kendang) if you are listening to gamelan. Or any rhythmic tool, which becomes the main criterion in a performance.

Then, Imitate rhythmic pattern that has been heard before by playing hands. Allowed in the thigh, may be on the table, may use bare hands (like martial wrote ...) should use the stick, may use pencils, pens, etc. that can be played ritmisnya.

Way over to the really beginner.

If already can play percussion, yes it is much easier should ... increase the capability to be able to play share a kind of rhythmic instrument. For example, conga, djembe, drums, bongo, etc.
Well ... hopefully the beginning of this article (which is only based on experience), can no longer make you confused as to how to play a musical instrument tympanic

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