Selasa, 13 Oktober 2015

learn percussion is learning power

The above title may be a summary of my discussion with friends Marching Band trainer who happened to meet. Learning percussion is learning power, is a sentence that fits in my opinion.

Often as a coach percussion (especially pit instrument), we trouble building a game with the dynamics as you wish. One reason is probably due to the member, or the students have not we taught to dare hit tool. When it diahadapkan with the dynamic game that requires playing with a large volume, the players seem less capable.

A possible solution could be applied is to teach players to dare to hit when it was still in the early days of learning pit instrument.

Based on the author's experience in teaching, the more effective way to shape the character of the players and for issuing characters while playing the instrument. The second advantage is that players no longer need hard to play with a small volume, because it was used by a punch with high power. Most assume that if hit with a major power will damage the instrument. Dear readers, if thinking like that, mending instrument wrapped aja, let durable, he..he..he ..

So, for friends who may be a new beginning of the study pit instrument, make sure dared to hit. Embed learning percussion is learning power

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